I have a problem
enter your domain name and click. Then chose "support" in the menu. Mails sent to only make you and us waste time. They are forwarded to support and SupportDJ needs the information from the Support database which are included in the ticket we receive.

You need a name server, to forward your web address, a dynamic address

We suggest you to use one of the following free services. Register your domain name first (to secure it) without giving any name server. Register with them?. Update your domain name with the name servers they will have given to you.

My name does not work
on the Menu ask for the information related to your domain name or /and use tools such as the one we list in here:

I have received nothing from us
our support is very pesonnalized and associative. We use e-mail to do that. We therefore prefer you come on the web site and use the menu. All the information is here, with one single click.

I paid and I got nothing yet
We offer domain name verification, registration, support and operation. As every other registry we wait for the payment to be final to start this service (we only send the money back if your request has not been approved). You know it has been approved because your name has been entered in the base. The DNS deployment may take from a few hours to a few days.

we will list here answers to your question and useful tools. is managed par dotDJ