Internet names for Djibouti, Music, DataJournals, ...

This website enables you to register and manage the ".DJ" domain names with just a few clicks.

Generic names cannot be accepted: they are reserved for services of common interest by International DJ in order to provide a non-controversial, clear, simple, and easy way to memorize them.

To prevent naming conflicts, domain name registration is subject to prior approval. A.DJ, the association of the .DJ name holders, provides for conflict arbitration.

"Click .DJ" to register, manage or
support a domain name:

 The recent increase in hijacking attempts has led us to become more stringent in our procedures that remain unchanged.
 1) We will only act upon new registrations and renewal requests once the deposit has been recorded on our bank account.
 2) Update requests must be authenticated by clicking the link in the message sent to the requestor. If you do not receive the message, it means that your registration is incomplete or outdated. Please remedy that problem first and then proceed with your update request.
 3) registrations must include the full name, postal address, and email address of the registrant owner (principal) and the delegated name consultant (if any). All communication exchanges with us must originate from one of those two email addresses.

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